Robert Simons

Port Moody

I want to express my sincere thanks to all my supporters who came out to vote in the Port Moody Municipal election.  My thanks as well to all those who helped on my campaign.  I am humbled by the support given to me by the citizens of Port Moody.  While out doing my door-to-door campaign I met the many talented and committed residents who cherish the unique character and sense of community of our City.  We live in a very special place.

My congratulations to Mayor-elect Mike Clay and to Councillors-elect Diana Dilworth, Bob Elliott, Rick Glumac, Gerry Nuttall, Zoe Royer and Rosemary Small.  You will be taking on your new elected capacity at a very important time.  The Evergreen Line and Port Moody’s 2013 Centennial will be major items on your agenda.  My best wishes for the next three years.

Finally I want to thank all the candidates who ran for office.  Katie, it was a pleasure meeting you during the Mayor’s race.  I look forward to your continued involvement in Port Moody.  To the Councillor candidates – the City and its residents appreciate your effort and commitment during this campaign.  I know each of you have deep regard for Port Moody.  You are to be commended for your efforts.


Robert Simons